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Twilight by Stepheny Meyer

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Twilight? NOT

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Am I the only person in the world that is not completely head over heels in love with Stephenie Meyers and her Twilight books/now movie?

For me it all started at Barnes & Noble in Utah. One of the employees was a Twilight fanatic and it hadn't even become the mega hit it is now. At that time there was only one book out in the series and she begged EVERYONE to read it. I thought she was annoying (sorry J) and refused for a long time. Just to reiterate how obsessed this girl is with Twilight, she had the cover tattoo'd on her. Twilight tattoo

Then my daughter gave in and read it.

"Oh, Mom! You have to read this book!" Okay, so I gave in and read it. It was a cute story but not particularly gripping or developed as far as I was concerned. The thing I liked most about it was the location. It takes place in Forks, WA. I know that area. Hubby and I were in that area on our first anniversary and it was completely stormy and the power was out. We were in a small resort just west of First Beach, mentioned in the book. There is also a Second Beach and a Third Beach. As a child we camped in the area and hiked to all three beaches. As an adult with our first newborn baby, G'ma & G'pa camped in the RV and took care of baby while hubby and I backpacked up the beach. The area is rich with indian history, including petroglyphs on the beach.

So, yea, a story taking place in that location was kinda cool. Too bad SM had never even been there!

Working at the bookstore in a the center of the LDS universe and SM being LDS - well of course there were a number of people that shopped there that had to tell you they were related to Stephenie, or went to school with her at BYU.

So what is the attraction to these books and stories of hers? I don't know. I'm not a vampire fan, even if they don't suck human blood. I'm just not into these books, and SM is as famous as JK Rowlings now because of them. Maybe there is a pattern here - I didn't get past the 3rd HP book either....

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