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Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicky Myron

For some reason I keep picking up animal books even though I haven't been particularly thrilled with some of them. Usually too much 'stuff' in the book that really has more to do with the author than the animals. I may have to try James Herriot for better luck....

But... Dewey didn't disappoint me. I have to say there was quite a bit of information about Iowa that I didn't think I really wanted or needed to know, however, I did end up finding it interesting. Interesting enough to want to go see small town America. (Is this where the "real" Americans live?)

Dewey's story starts when, as a kitten, he is found in the book drop on a freezing cold morning. The librarians take care of him, warming him up and nursing him back to health. Dewey stays on at the library for many years, worming his way into most everyone's heart.

The book is full of Dewey's personality, which is quite entertaining. He's finicky and demanding, which seems to be true of most cats I have known. But he's also very outgoing and has that sixth sense of knowing when someone needs him.

As the Director of the library, Vicky Myron was also Dewey's "Mom." She authored the book and basically managed to keep it about Dewey and his story. Her story is told in explaining how she came to be the Spencer Librarian and then a synopsis at the end of the story. I found myself thankful for the synopsis because I did have more questions about her story than I'd expected to.

Dewey is a quick and easy read and entertaining. If you have a soft spot for cats, I'd recommend it.

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Dorothy Sheehan Myshrall

Being from a small Iowa town myself (Sergeant Bluff....about 8 miles south of Sioux City) I have to reinforce your curiosity about mid-west folks. You really have to experience the difference; which I have. Lived in Los Angeles for 40+ years and you can't imagine the comparisons I've made. lol I've been in the town of Spencer but it was in the 50's....long time ago.
I have the audio book Dewey which I got for my mom. As you recall, she has Macular Degeneration and can no longer read. She enjoyed it immensely and I'm even listening to it now. The James Herriot books are entertaining and there are lots of them....I know, I've made a nice library of them for mother. She keeps listening to them over again when she runs out of good listening. If you want to really read an enjoyable book....try "The Parrot Who Owns Me" It's a hoot~~as well as Marley and Me.
I've been playing Florence Nightingale the last couple of weeks. My youngest daughter (51 and she's the youngest...YIKES) had surgery for a herniated disk in her upper back. So I'm a mom again, toting meals and picking up after her. Nice that I can spend time visiting with her too.

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Betsy Gully

For some reason Marley and Me didn't move me so much. I may have been expecting too much since it has been a big hit and I tend to do that. I will look for the Parrot that Owns Me. Sounds like a fun one!!

I've always wanted to read the James Herriott books because my mom, a veterinarian, liked them so much.

Don't forget to take care of yourself, sounds like you are busy

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