Sunday, July 8, 2007


by Brandon Mull
Fablehaven is a juvenile book that is found in the kids department, but don't be mislead, after all, Harry Potter and his six (almost seven) books are located in the children's department, too.
I started reading this book as a requirement for work but it became a labor of pleasure only a few pages in. The story is a fantasy involving fairies and golems and satyrs and many other mythical magical creatures. Of course there is the human element and it's presented in a way in which you don't have to leave this world to believe in their world, Fablehaven.
It's the story of a couple of young kids who are spending two weeks with a set of grandparents that they are not close to or very familiar with. The drive to their grandparent's place is long and they are not looking forward to spending this time there. It turns out their grandparent's estate is quite remote and very lovely. The older couple set the kids up in a very nice kid friendly attic room and give them just a few rules, which must not be broken, and a challenge.
I don't want to give too much away, but they discover, through the challenge, that Fablehaven is a refuge of sorts. It's not a wild animal refuge, but a refuge of magical mystical creatures, a safe haven for fairies and more. Thus the adventure begins!
In comparing this book to Harry Potter, I enjoyed it as much if not more. The reading level is a bit lower and the story not as dark. The characters and adventure is quite good and keeps the reader's interest.  I do recommend it for adults and kids alike, although most of the time I was reading it I kept wishing I had grandkids I could read it to chapter by chapter.
Check out the website: Fablehaven
Don't hesitate to pick this one up! 

Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star

"Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star"
By Brandon Mull
I liked Fablehaven so much I returned with Kendra and Seth for another visit. Kendra has changed in a very significant way since her first arrival at Fablehaven although no one is sure of just how much she has changed. Seth is still a little too courageous and daring, making the reader hold his or her breath more than once.
Book two is even better than book one as the story and characters develop. You'll find yourself carried away by characters you've never imagined to places that have never before existed.  By the end you'll certainly be ready to continue on in book three and have no idea of who to trust.
I suspect we will someday soon be enjoying Fablehaven at the theatres.  I so loved these two books.  Sorry, there will be no review of book three just yet as it has yet to be released.