Friday, March 16, 2007

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven
Fannie Flagg
When I was a child watching day time game shows on TV that featured celebrity players I always wondered who the celebrity Fannie Flagg was.  When Fried Green Tomatos was released as a movie I got the idea that she was a writer. More recently Harriett insisted that I read this book by Fannie and it was a total delight! She is indeed a writer and talented story teller. 
Ms. Flagg introduces us to southern living through a cast of characters that we all know from our own families. 80 or 90-something year old Aunt Elner's death by wasp stings which cause her to fall from the fig tree starts the story. We follow Aunt Elner to heaven where she visits with the supreme being (who is actually two people who happened to be radio personalities at one time on earth). As Aunt Elner visits with them, word of her death spreads sadly through her small town. 
Fannie Flagg makes us feel part of the town and involved in the lives of the people feeling the impact of Aunt Elner's passing. Her story telling is fun and could easily be translated into an enjoyable play.  Don't be fooled by Aunt Elner's death, the story is full of humor!
Everyone could use an Aunt Elner in their lives.  
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