Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Book Lover in Me

The book lover in me.... HAS*GOT*TO*BE hereditary!!  
I took my 86 year old mom to Barnes and Noble yesterday for lunch and shopping. My brother sent her a $25 gift card for her birthday and she was anxious to spend it.
Lunch was a leisurely affair. We shared an artichoke/spinach stratta and a slice of caramel latte cheese cake. Yum!! We sat and sipped on our coffee drinks for a while and then, then started our shopping.
Now you should probably try to picture my mother.  She's about 5'3" and weighs not so much.  She uses a walker and moves very slow. She tires easily. I guess I would consider her 'fragile.' My shopping plan was to keep her toward the front of the store and have her choose her one or two books there. It would take no time at all to spend the $25 gift card, even with my discount.
I steered Mom toward the "Best Seller" bay and she immediately chose a book indicating she wanted me to put it on her walker. I then showed her another book by another author she enjoys and she nodded toward the walker, indicating I should put it there, too.  Then she moved to a "Favorite in Paperback" bay and pointed to two more books. A nearby table also held a book or two she decided she needed and then she wanted to go to the "Mystery" section. Although it's in the back of the store I decided to take her back there.
She detoured off my chosen path down a "Fiction and Literature" aisle before I could stop her. In the blink of an eye she found another author she likes and picked out some of his books and then decided another nearby author should be given a try, even though she'd never read him before.
It wasn't long before we headed to the check-out with a large pile of books on her walker, as well as a few in my arms. Being an employee and planning on using my discount meant waiting until the appropriate person could ring us up. Since the store was busy, that actually took longer than the shopping.
Soooo scan, ka-ching! scan, ka-ching! scan, ka-ching! Pam rang up Mom's books.  I then gave her my employee number for my discount and Ouala!  The grand total of Mom's shopping spree... $113.00+!!!!!!!
It's a dang good thing I thought to drop her debit card in my purse along with her gift card! 

(from my former MySpace blog)

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