Monday, October 6, 2014

My Literary Pet Peeve

I stopped by Joseph Beth Booksellers yesterday to pick up a copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  The movie trailer has been all over TV-land and it appears to be such a good thriller I knew it had to be my next read.  

Upon arriving at JoBeth I was greeted with a hug by Eric, my second favorite bookseller (my daughter being my first favorite, of course) and taken to the section where we would find my book.  

Of course he had to suggest that they may be sold out due to the upcoming movie release.

Oh, Eric, don't teeeeeeeease me about books!!  

So there we are looking at the book and he suggesting, ever so gently, that I might prefer the mass market version because the print is larger...  Really Eric?  I love you, but really???  I inform him I am a book snob and only read trade paper or hard cover. So there! 

Now we are joined by my darlin' Krissy who exclaims, "Mom!  You can't buy that one, that's the movie cover!"  Oh.My.Goodness, she's right!  Being the book snob I am and the appreciation I have for cover art, there is no way I'll be buying a book with the movie characters on the cover.  Fortunately for me, there was a copy with the original cover. 

So my pet peeve is this - book covers which portray the movie that was made based on the book. Why? Why can't the publishers and the powers that be leave the original cover art alone?  I don't' want shelves of books covered with photos of famous, has-been, and/or wanna be actors.  I want the original art.  Please, leave my book art alone!