Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope
by Rhonda Riley

I thought the synopsis of this book was intriguing and was ready for a mystical read.  It was mystical, alright, and maybe the strangest book I've ever read. 

As the Caffeinated Reader I am going to do something I've not done before, I'm going to use a latte as my alliteration for this book.

I've ordered an iced vanilla latte.  Just the thought of drinking it makes me smile with anticipation.  But when I take my first sip it's just not quite right.  I don't taste the sweet smooth vanilla flavor I was expecting.  But the milk and coffee are good and cold and I keep drinking, hoping maybe the vanilla is at the bottom and I'll reach that flavor I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, it never materializes.  I've had my iced latte, good rich coffee and ice cold milk, but it never gave me what it promised, what I really wanted when I ordered it.  In the end it was just a latte.  I am disappointed and let down.

I was disappointed when I came to the end of this story.  The writing was good, but the story alone wasn't enough to keep enthralled.  What kept me returning to the book was my desire to know who Adam was and where he came from.  

**Spoiler Alert** 
The reader never finds out. 

The synopsis of the book referred also to Adams daughters possessing some of his supernatural gifts. Up until very nearly the end of the book, there wasn't anything about the daughters having any unusual gifts.  Another synopsis compares the writing/story to The Time Travelers Wife and the Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  I find this funny because I loved The Time Travelers Wife but hated Edgar Sawtelle. My dislike of Edgar Sawtelle somewhat mirrors what I feel about Adam Hope. The ending was such a let down it over shadowed whatever redeeming qualities the story had along the way.

I won't suggest you overlook this book and move on. I've read a few reviews since completing it and many more loved the book than felt the way I do.  So it's one I have to say you must read for yourself and come to your own decision.  

The story begins shortly after WWII in a southern state where a young girl has taken on the responsibility of running her deceased aunt's farm. During a severe storm she discovers a naked man submerged in the mud.  His features are distorted and vague, his skin appears scarred, discolored and lumpy.  She believes he is a returned wounded soldier, wondering how he came to be where she found him.  

She takes the man into her home and nurses him to health, all the while wondering how he is healing and changing so fast, until she realizes 'he' is now a 'she' and looks identical to her.  

The story is of their life together as two women and then after he changes back into a man and marries her.  They have children and seem to be a normal couple.  But his strange past haunts her.  She does what she must to protect him and her family from questioning eyes. 

I can't give the story more than 3 of 5 shots.  

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  1. Well, that sounds incredibly odd. I hated Edgar Sawtelle as well, so I'm going to take your word on this one and skip it. :)