Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Recipe Club

The Recipe Club
by Andrea Israel & Nancy Garfinkel

I should have reviewed this book right when I read it, rather than five months later.  I can't give you the details of my experience, but I do recall my thoughts. 

I picked this book up as a bargain book while waiting for my daughter to get her hair done.  I finished it the same day.  It was an easy read, the story being presented by letters and then emails, each containing a recipe.  

It's the story of two girls who begin a recipe club as children that continues into adulthood.  At some point, they relationship falls apart and they are estranged for many years.  I believe it was the death of one woman's father that inspires the women to reconnect.  Their emails reveal their past and a few twists that brought the women to this point, and still sending recipes.  

I didn't find the recipes worth the time to read them.  As children I more or less expected that, but as adults they didn't seem to get any better.  The book was a quick read but I felt the main controversy, without the details they didn't yet know, worthy of the chasm it caused. 

I gave the story 3 of 5 shots.

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