Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the beginning....

I am starting a new blog for the book-lover in me. I've tried being in a book club and although I love talking about books, it just didn't work out for me. So this is my blog to track my reads, my opinions of what I've read and hopefully a few friends will join in the conversation, fulfilling my "bookclub needs."

My intention is to start with the book I just finished and go forward from there. If anyone suggests a book I have already read and reviewed in another forum I may backtrack and post about it.

A little about my love of books... I've always enjoyed reading and probably stuck pretty much to fiction novels. In more recent years I worked for Barnes & Noble for about 18 months and found that was a great inspiration to broaden my interests as pertains to reading. I really enjoy a good biography. History has enticed me into it's arms. I love picture books aka coffee table books. Travel, geography, science, crafts... You can lead me almost anywhere to read as long as the book is well written and the subject appealing.

Thank you for checking my new blog out! Please come back for more!

p.s. I probably won't be talking too much about caffeine. It's just that good coffee and a good book really go together!

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